Birthday number 9 numerology

Therefore, they often fail. The expression of desire for them seems offensive. They consider this a weakness and therefore can bring themselves to deep despair instead of satisfying desire. These people can get along with those who are spiritually equal to them. They have strong analytical thinking and are looking for people with the same sharp mind. They prefer to surround themselves with people with a good reputation.

They do not recognize the authorities, and will not trust until they make sure in the qualities of a person.

Calculating Your Life Path Number And What It Means

Only then will they fully accept the person and become his lifelong friend. They do not like whiners. Weakness is something they never put up with. You choose not a specialty and profession, but a way of life and your place among people. Therefore, the search may take years and decades. All this time, of course, you are doing something, but you never consider your position as a crown of aspirations, and the work being done is your limit.

There is always another field of activity where you will be more necessary and more useful, another job that will bring more satisfaction and income. However, you have one feature, thanks to which you can permanently become attached to one place. And you cannot keep giving without replenishing your stock, whether it be energy or material things. Aim for quality rather than quantity.

The 9 Life Path gives you the gift of versatility. There is very little to which you cannot relate and you probably know a little bit about everything. Therefore, it is necessary to specialize in something in which you are passionately interested. Otherwise, you cannot help but suffer the pain of feeling unfulfilled.

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Self-fulfilment, usually through creativity and helping others, is one of the beautiful gifts that 9 offers. This makes it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. You may spread yourself too thin, unable to concentrate long enough to gain the necessary experience or expertise. You may already be doing pretty well in life, but there is no telling just how much you can accomplish with focus. It is up to you to recognize your speciality, your passion , and give it the focus it deserves. You have a tendency to waste your time, energy, opportunities and resources on unimportant matters.

Recognize where you are torturing yourself emotionally over matters you can do absolutely nothing about.

Business and Relationships

When you realize that this is what you so often do to yourself, it will be easier to accept the past, let it go, and move on to a more comfortable reality. Ultimately, you are learning how to let go. You may question how it is possible to be the loving and generous person you know you are when you may have to hurt yourself or others in the process of letting go. The life of a 9 is never simple. Very often, the people you think you may hurt actually need to be released so that their lives can unfold in a way that is natural for them. For you, partings are such sorrowful and frightening occasions, only to find, in retrospect, that it was the best thing for all concerned.

On the other hand, by developing a greater tolerance for others, the need to end certain relationships need never arise.

You must learn to accept the diversity of humanity and enjoy the richness of loving relationships in which common goals take the place of ego. It is hard for those who love you to share you with the world, as they must often do. The least you can do is to allow them to be who they are rather than who you want them to be.

You can be frustrated with those who do not live up to your high ideals, but your disappointment is actually with your own intolerance. You may think that tolerance is one of your greater attributes, but this is a misunderstanding since we only tolerate that which we do not like. Acceptance is the key. This means that you must stop judging yourself, and others. This in no way implies lowering your standards or putting up with ongoing adverse behavior.

You must stay true to yourself and your principles. But your vision is a unique one and you cannot expect others to see life as you see it. If you try to control others, or if you are overly possessive, irresponsible, unemotional, or destructive, the 9 energy will work against you — dramatically.

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You are likely to experience at least one major trauma, illness, loss, accident, scandal or some other dramatic event which changes the entire course of your life. When you honestly express your emotions, life will provide you with many unusual and profound experiences and understandings. As your experience grows, you will become a philosopher of sorts, and you will want to share your insight with others.

There is nothing you cannot handle. You have had to face fear so often that you instinctively understand its purpose. This makes you courageous, intelligent, and compassionate.

“Life path number 9 is about wisdom and spiritual comfort”.

You may have to work hard at building this level of confidence. When you do, you will experience a massive shift of consciousness. Your emotions will become your power instead of your weakness, and you will develop a much deeper appreciation of your purpose as a human being. They may find themselves killed due to wounds and injuries. Their exceptional physical courage makes them ideal as soldier or as leaders. They are impulsive: Number 9 persons are extremely impulsive in deeds as well as what they speak.

Birthday number 9 meaning in Numerology – Secret of born on the 9th day of the month

This leads to enormous losses for number 9 persons. It would be prudent for them to measure their words carefully and act after due thought.

Birth number 9 by AstroRrachita(ACHARYA Rrachita )

They are prone to accidents: Number 8 persons are prone to accidents. They can avoid them with a certain of diligence; otherwise they will find themselves frequently injured. They face domestic strife: Domestic strife is an intrinsic part of a number 9 person. This is evident before and after their marriage.

They love to be praised: Number 9 persons love to be praised. They normally believe that they are superior to others. They are not vain; they are merely convinced that they are the best. They hate to be pointed out for their faults. They cannot function in a subordinate position. They can go to extremes in order to win love: Number 9 persons can go to extremes in order to win love. This attitude makes them prime candidates for being made fools by unscrupulous people.

They are magnificent if they have control: Number 9 persons love control. They can create magnificent things if they have full control, otherwise they tend to lose interest. But they can be aggressive, dashing and quick in organising things if they have the opportunity. They hate defeat and fight till the end: Number 9 persons can fight against extreme adversities.